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gail1066 said...

level 1885 is now 35,000 not 25,000...must have been too easy. rofl

Albert jack said...

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Anonymous said...

I got 6 hours unlimited lives, then finished an episode, but couldn't progress if I was connected, or not. It said I had to wait over 71 hours for the 1st challenge. So I changed the date, but all that did was Lose my unlimited lives!! Do I Really have to wait 3 days??

connie in seattle said...

Finished level 2030 but cant get past the lock. I know there are more levels but how can i access them?

Anonymous said...

Major malfunction in the latest release. Constant crashes, no matter what level is being played. Crashes even before a level is selected. Someone at King really blew it.

Debbie Nivens said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Redmonkey said...

Posting for luck

Anonymous said...

Level 1086, how frustrating, not enough moves, used all boosters, got down to 3 jellies and paid for extra moves but didn't get them !!! Also I have 6 bars in store but when I click on the bars symbol it takes me back to pay for more moves??

Anonymous said...

How to stop a final explosion loop have got over 27 mil points and not stopping

LynnK said...

Usually, the new levels load to Android on Wednesdays, but they didn't this week - at least not on my phone. Has anyone heard anything about this? Is it another glitch?

Anonymous said...

I do not know how to get the pieces to fall to the bottom where all the dang chocolate is level 56 not impressed with this level

Jolanda Feder said...

Hoe kan het dat ik een ander level heb dan anderen?
Ik heb een klok die moet worden vernietigd in het midden en anderen hebben dat niet!
Groet Jolanda Feder

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else having this problem? I am well into the 300's and dream world has disappeared.

Anonymous said...

I hate candy crush. It is a stupid game that is completely controlled by algorithms and designed to get us addicted. It is not a game at all but a tool to get us to get frustrated and pay money to move onto another level. King - you have no shame. Please Google it and see how detrimental it is both neurologically and financially. King, I call your bluff and you lose!

Sam said...

I'm stuck at lvl 33

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Unknown said...
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Sok Sareth said...

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Mark Letson said...

To all new and lower level Candy Crush players: I highly recommend you stop playing this game before you get too involved. As you progress to higher levels, like 2646, they make it impossible to pass without spending money on boosters. Sure, it "can" be fun and challenging at times. But, as you progress, the developers become lazy and greedy. I strongly suggest quitting before you get too involved.

Daniela Marañon said...

Just tried http://sodabooster.com/ You can get free Soda Saga gold bars there!

Daniela Marañon said...

Just tried http://sodabooster.com/ You can get free Soda Saga gold bars there!

Daniela Marañon said...

Just tried http://sodabooster.com/ You can get free Soda Saga gold bars there!

Daniela Marañon said...

Just tried http://sodabooster.com/ You can get free Soda Saga gold bars there!

Daniela Marañon said...

Just tried http://sodabooster.com/ You can get free Soda Saga gold bars there!

Anonymous said...

On my PC it keeps showing that I got a lollipop but when I go into the game it's not there. This game is impossible, why does CC give us impossible games especially when I have no boosters. All my boosters are on my ipad, they don't transfer.

Anonymous said...

Post more than Great , Kindly Thanks


Sarah Boss said...

If you pay to open the piggy bank does it then keep filing and you can use gold bars or do you have to pay for it again?

Dowerland said...

I was desperate for gold bars so paid £2.99 for a FULL piggy bank and only received 60 gold bars, WHY? I will never buy into any of CC 's so called Bargains again.

Marilyn Medlock said...

I play candy crunch saga on my tablet and I am stuck on level 532. I ran out of life trying to get the ingredients but they never show up. Please help

Terin Garcia Fernandez said...

Me ofende que se cambie el número de movimientos de los niveles, al principio siempre dan mas movimientos y después los cambian a menos.

Gna said...

Dear friend,

I have seen your blog here, It is nice to meet you! I will keep watching it in future. on more thing.all Nice all well.thanks!

Anonymous said...

I’m playing CC on my tablet but it has not gone past level 2900 even tho 2 new episodes have been released since then. Thank you

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Anonymous said...

For the last month I keep running out of levels. Currently I'm on 3081 which doesn't yet exist on my computer.(I completed 3080). For some reason I go through 5 or 6 levels and then it's a week before there are any more. What's the story?

ADMIN said...

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